The Mario Danelo Scholarship Fund
"Livin' The Dream"

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Founded in 2008, the Mario Danelo Scholarship Fund has developed a mission that is two fold.  First, the scholarship fund will continue to provide a graduating senior an opportunity to offset the high costs of college education.  Each year, an academic senior who has participated in athletics during their time at San Pedro High will  have an opportunity to apply for this scholarship. The applicant that receives this honor will also be awarded a renewable textbook scholarship throughout their four years of college. To  maintain this scholarship, the recipient must remain in good academic  standing and continue "Livin' The Dream."

In his life, Mario Danelo lived his dream by playing football for San Pedro High School and then accomplishing the astounding task of making it onto the University of Southern California team as a walk-on. It was  his belief that with ambition, hard work, and determination he could achieve or over come any thing he set his mind to.  The legacy that Mario left behind was only a fraction of what he had set out to accomplish.

The second mission of this fund, and most importantly, is one that memorializes Mario's dedication and passion. It is our mission to encourage athletes to continue their goals and lofty ambitions and to pursue even higher levels of success through out their life time. We encourage students to follow their desire and passion at  a university whether they continue on in athletics or move into academics or the fine arts. Every opportunity should be provided so that others can keep "Livin' The Dream."

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